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Cures for hemorrhoids


20.07.2011 - New disease descriptions added: problems with memory, insomnia and dandruff.

18.05.2011 - New plant descriptions added: ginkgo, greater burdock, valerian, blackberry and common hop.

04.02.2011 - New graphical elements added, in order to improve site navigation.


06.10.2010 - We added new links to various content related to collecting and using medicinal herbs.

23.09.2010 - New disease descriptions added: acne, hemorrhoids and gout.


07.08.2010 - New medicinal herb descriptions added: white willow, poplar, walnut, chestnut, beech.

02.02.2010 - To every of the described medicinal herbs on this site, we added a list of active compounds that are considered to be responsible for the medicinal properties that these herbs can offer us. Currently we are working on new projects, so the following updates may be a bit delayed. However, we hope you will find the existing collection of information useful, and we hope you will visit us soon again.

09.12.2009 - New herb descriptions added: celery, common houseleek, common mistletoe, shepherd's purse and common heather. New diseases have also been described: earache and burns.

17.11.2009 - Added new herb descriptions: birch, hawthorn, sage, spearmint and leek. New diseases have also been described: high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Also, a page about herbs that can be used for overall body cleansing, has been added.

02.11.2009 - New articles about herbs and diseases added. Also, we added a new email submission feature. If you would like to recieve a notice when new content is placed online, you can send us your email address.

09.10.2009 - More files uploaded, and some errors fixed.

08.10.2009 - Site placed online. There is still a lot info that will be added to the site with time. For now, enjoy in the existing articles.



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