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Depending on the places in which you will search for plants, equipment can be relatively simple or more complex. The essential equipment would include strong garden scissors useful for cropping (the ones that are used for viticulture are excellent), a knife, small garden shovel, something to put your collected plants in, and a manual for identification if you are just starting with this hobby.


Of course, the equipment can be more complicated if you will go "hunting" in more demanding areas, such as mountains. With all the specified equipment, some other basic hiking equipment should be taken, such as tools for navigation (compass, GPS), enough water for drinking and food. In any case, I would recommend taking a camera, not only for photographing plants, but also because of the environment which is usually wonderful, especially if you are going to the mountains.

It's also a good idea to keep notes of where you found your plants. For that purpose, a standard map of the area in which you pick plants can be used. That way you can simply mark places where you found certain species.


And finally, I'd like to stress one more thing. Wherever you find certain types of plants, do not collect all of them, but always leave at least a few, so that they can reproduce on the same location again. You are not the only one who is looking for plants, and it would be unthankful to pick everything for yourself.

equipment for collecting herbs

Part of the basic equipment that can be useful.



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