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Here you can find some interesting links that are more or less related to the topic of this site:

  • Ketogenic diet - interesting site about a healthy nutritional program which can help you lose weight. Various recipes are also mentioned there, some of them even use certain medicinal herbs.

  • Mushroom hunting - if you are interested in collecting medicinal herbs, than you must also find mushrooms interesting - which can often be found close to various plants. Here you can find additional info about various mushroom species.

  • - a website that has been among the first sites online to feature lots of useful information regarding medicinal herbs and alternative medicine

  • - interesting website with lots of information that can be useful for anyone interested in this hobby

  • - on this site a collection of photos and various information regarding medicinal herbs can be found

  • - another great website for anyone interested in finding out more information about medicinal herbs

  • - a website featuring a gallery along with basic information related to many medicinal herbs



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