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On the menus to the right or at the bottom of this page, you can choose any of the described herbs or diseases associated with the described herbs. By selecting a particular disease, all herbs that are used in the treatment of the selected disorder are listed.


New articles are constantly added, so don't forget to visit us soon, as the number of articles is constantly increasing.

So far described herbs: Blueberry, basil, birch, common ivy,

celery, black elder, common houseleek, comfrey, hawthorn, oak,

common mistletoe, sage, chamomile, caraway, nettle, cabbage,

spearmint, wormwood, leek, horsetail, shepherd's purse,

rosemary, marshmallow, yarrow, plantago, common heather,

ginkgo, greater burdock, valerian, blackberry, common hop.

So far included diseases: Ulcer, body cleansing, cough,

cholesterol, circulation problems, nausea, flatulence, burns, cold,

digestion problems, diarrhea, wounds, prostate problems,

rheumatic problems, stress, earache, inflammations, high blood

, memory, insomnia, dandruff.



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